The writeup due date will be announced in class. Only one writeup is required per group. A formal format is not required, but be sure to address the following issues. Include all your work in the writeup and justify all your answers. Tabulate results wherever appropriate.

  1. Plant Identification
    1. Given your open loop step response, calculate the gain and time constant (K and tex2html_wrap_inline388 ).
    2. Write the open loop transfer function of the amp-motor-tach system with the numerical values you obtained (watch units!).
  2. Controller Design
    1. Draw the region of the complex plane in which closed-loop poles will satisfy the design criteria. Circle the minimally acceptable pole locations and verify that these agree with the desired closed-loop poles used in lab.
    2. Use the sketching rules to draw a root locus of the compensated system. Be sure to calculate asymptotes and break-out point. (show your work for this)
  3. Controller Circuit
    1. Derive the transfer function of the controller circuit. Show that it cvorresponds to equation (5).
    2. Show your calculations for funding the resistor values used in lab.
  4. Closed-Loop Response
    1. Find the closed-loop transfer function. What are the poles and zeros? Verify that the poles lie in the proper locations. Do you expect the desired poles to be dominant?
    2. Compare your measured SS error, Tp, Ts, and %OV to the desired response parameters.
    3. The response was probably not as expected. What caused this?
    4. Simulate the closed-loop system's step response using the step command in Matlab. Compare SS error, Tp, Ts, and %OV to that obtained in lab.
    5. Calculate the expected SS ramp error. Compare this to what you observed.
    6. How well did the control system reject disturbances? What gives it this ability?

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