Lab 4 - Motor Speed Control with Lead Compensator and Integral Control

24-451 Feedback Controls

Fall 2000


In this lab, you will use a lead compensator to improve on the performance of the motor speed controllers used in Labs 2 and 3. An integrator in the controller will be used to remove steady-state error and reject disturbances, and the lead compensator will be used to improve settling time. A block diagram showing the closed-loop system is shown below.


The controller in this diagram consists of three parts: an integrator/summer , a lead compensator, and a variable gain. This will require the use of three op amps rather than the two used in the last lab. The lead compensator pole (p) and zero (z), and the variable controller gain (Kc) will be designed to meet settling time and percent overshoot requirements. You will perform this design with the aid of Matlab. The closed loop step, ramp, and frequency responses will be examined, as well as properties of the controller.

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