Plant Identification

The motor, amplifier, and tach together represent the plant in this lab. The open loop TF is of the same form as that in Labs 1,2 and 3, i.e.


You can compute the plant's gain and time constant from the open-loop step response, just as was done in the previous labs. Or you can simply use the motor that you used in the previous lab. Since you should now be familiar with the identification procedure used in the previous labs, the details of the procedure are not included here. For more details, bring one of the previous lab handouts. However, a brief outline of the procedure is included below.

Connect Power Supply to Amplifier
Connect Motor and Tach to Amplifier, Oscilloscope and Function Generator
Set the function generator and oscilloscope.
Set function generator to a square wave with amplitude 100mV (This is really 200mVP-P) and frequency 1Hz.
Set the function generator offset to 100mV. (This is really a 200mV offset).
Measure Step Response, Obtain K and tex2html_wrap_inline348

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