Current Research

Optimization for policy and high-stakes problems requires features beyond computational tractability. These features include simplicity, transparency, interpretability, implementability, usability, robustness, and fairness. I am interested in the development of new optimization theory and models under this lens. My theoretical developments are motivated by and generalize my deployment experiences in supply chain and transportation systems design. These systems also interface with other essential societal functions, such as health care, education, work, and energy.

Work in Progress


  1. Travel Cadence and Epidemic Spread, Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference (2021) (with Lauren Streitmatter) GitHub.
  2. Fleet Sizing and Allocation for On-demand Last-Mile Transportation Systems, Transportation Research Part C. (joint work with Karmel Shehadeh and Hai Wang)
  3. Designing response supply chain against bioattacks, Operations Research. (joint work with David Simchi-Levi and Nikos Trichakis)
    • INFORMS Koopman Prize (2020)
    • POMS HOCM best paper competition runner-up (2018)
    • POMS SCM student paper competition runner-up (2017)
    • MSOM SIG (2017)
  4. Identifying risks and mitigating disruptions in the automotive supply chain. INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics. (joint work with David Simchi-Levi, William Schmidt, Yehua Wei, and Ford Motor Company)
    • Ford Engineering Excellence Award (2015)
    • INFORMS Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice (2014)
  5. Multi-stage resource-aware scheduling for data centers with heterogenous servers. Journal of Scheduling. (joint work with Tony Tran, Heyse Li, Doug Down, and Chris Beck)
  6. Solving wind farm layout optimization with mixed integer programs and constraint programs. EURO Journal on Computational Optimization. (joint work with David Romero, Chris Beck, and Cristina Amon)
  7. Multiobjective wind farm layout optimization with non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm. Journal of Mechanical Design. (joint work with Penelope Kwong, David Romero, Joaquin Moran, M. Morgenroth, and Cristina Amon)
  8. A new mathematical programming approach to optimizing wind farm layouts. Renewable Energy. (joint work with Sarina Turner, David Romero, and Timothy Chan)


Policy Reports

  1. Joint Optimization of School Bus Routes and Last-mile Services | Summary | Full report.
  2. The New COVID-19 Variant Prediction with Dynamic Model - A policy memo to the Government of Republic of Indonesia (July 25, 2021) | GitHub.
  3. Data-Driven Reopening Strategies for State and Local Governments. Report and slides on this CMU-wide collaboration. Cited in:

Academic Mentorship



PhD proposal/qualifying/dissertation committee membership:
Yuyan Wang (Tepper). Neha (Tepper). Matthew Battifarano (CEE). Dini Maghfirra (EPP). Sagnik Das (Tepper). Lindsay Graff (CEE). Sizhe Ma (CEE). Kevin Freymiller (CEE). Zhufeng Fan (CEE). Özgün Elçi (Tepper). Rick Grahn (CEE).