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This is a list of everyone in the club with their accompanying photo.

If you are not on the list and would like to be added (or are on the list and want to be removed), please email Owen Durni with a picture and any information you want associated with your picture. The picture should be submitted in .jpg form and be the same dimensions as the ones on this page. If you don't know how to crop and resize the image, I can do it for you (but might have to remove parts). To keep me sane, all pictures on this page are going to be the same size, 400pixels by 300pixels

PictureName and Info
photo Position: Webmaster
Name: Owen Durni
Email: opd@andrew.cmu.edu
Comments: A temporary picture of my dog. Just to say that we don't want boring pictures!

Members without Pictures

  • Nathan Diorio-Toth
  • Hyun Kim
  • Damon Das
  • Alex Arteaga
  • Edwin Shao
  • Heedae Lim ("HD")
  • Dan Jentzen
  • Tim Kirchner
  • Rob Patenge
  • Andrew Moore
  • Evan Gates
  • Seth Boyles
  • Robert Yaich
  • Doug Rouland