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09-322 Laboratory IV: Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics

Prerequisites:09-221 and 09-331 and 09-344
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This laboratory course is devoted to physical chemistry experiments, which involve the use of modern spectroscopic instrumentation to probe the optical and magnetic properties of molecules. The experiments include the use of high-resolution infrared, laser Raman, NMR, EPR, fluorescence, and UV-visible spectroscopies. Additional experiments demonstrate methods for measuring phase equilibria and enzyme-catalyzed reaction rate constants, and develop skills in error analysis, basic electronics, and vacuum techniques. 2 hrs. lec., 6 hrs. lab.

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Rank for this semester:#922
Rank in this department:#18

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  Spring 2005 times

Sec Time Day Instructor Location  
1 12:30 - 2:20 pm T Kowalewski PH 226C Add course to my schedule
R Kowalewski PH 226C
A 1:30 - 4:20 pm T Instructor TBA DH 1302 Add course to my schedule
R Instructor TBA DH 1302

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