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18-450 Wireless Communications

Department:Electrical & Comp. Eng.
Prerequisites:18-396 and 36-217
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In this course, wireless communication channels will be introduced, and their peculiarities such as fading and co-channel interference will be emphasized. Solutions to combat the problems will be described, covering equalization and detection, coding, diversity ideas, and elementary interference cancellation. Throughout the course, the emphasis will be on discovering unifying ideas in transmission, rather than specifying the details of each application. Illustrative examples will be chosen from existing wireless standards (e.g. W-CDMA). A course project on designing a wireless transceiver simulation model will enhance understanding of the underlying theories. Possible research directions will be pointed out, for students interested in a more detailed understanding. The course will also cover basic communication theory in sufficient detail. The specific topics covered are baseband and passband analysis, modulation, equalization, coding, diversity, multiple-access systems, interference cancellation, and spread spectrum communications. 18-450 is a prerequisite for graduate-level wireless communication courses. 4 hrs. lec. Prerequisites: 18-396 or equivalent, and 36-217 or equivalent, and some exposure to MATLAB.

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