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48-595 Under the Influence: Architecture & Art

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Today, many of the world's leading architects cite art and cinema and other cross-disciplinary factors among their most significant influences. Rather than basing their successful architectural practices on narrowly focused foundations, these architects boldly cross borders into the worlds of music, fashion, photography, film, art. New York architects Scofidio & Diller reference Marcel Duchamp, Rem Koolhaas designs for Prada, Peter Eisenman has acknowledged the writings of conceptual artist Robert Morris among others, and Bernard Tschumi has based building designs on the editing principles of Sergei Eisenstein. The list goes on. At the same time, many contemporary filmmakers and artists look to architecture for their conceptual framework. Why are these artists and architects looking outside of their disciplines to cross over into each-others worlds for direction? What are they learning and how are they applying their discoveries? What can we learn from these leading figures and how can we ourselves begin to cross borders to develop new working methods approaches that will advance our own professional and creative processes? These are some of the questions that "Under the Influence: Architecture and Art" will address. Meeting one evening per week for three hours, "Under the Influence: Architecture and Art" will present a series of themes illustrated by relevant architects, artists and films. Classes will feature presentations, discussions, and the viewing of relevant films and videos. Students will be asked to write short (one-page) responses each week and participate actively in class discussions. Selected theoretical writings will supplement many of the presentations.

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A 6:30 - 9:20 pm T Rosenblatt CFA 206A Add course to my schedule

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