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76-378 Community Literacy and Intercultural Interpretation

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This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of literacyits history, theory, and problems. These include the tensions between academic and workplace literacy, the power struggle between elite and community literacies, and the competing theories of how people learn, not just to read and write but to control new literate practices and operate within multiple discourses. It is also an opportunity to turn your ideas into action in a hands-on, community literacy project In the 2nd half of the term, we focus on ways community literacy allows everyday people in urban schools and inner city neighborhoods to literate action for themselves. Our partner is Start On Success (SOS), a creative program that helps urban teenagers negotiate hidden learning disabilities as they make the transition from school to work or college. We will mentor a group of 9th grade students (here on campus) as they work through Decision Makers (a computer-based Carnegie Mellon learning project on writing and decision making). As a mentor, you will help an SOS Scholar learn new strategies for writing, planning and decision making as he or she creates a personal Decision Makers Journey Book. And you will develop your own skills in intercultural collaboration and inquiry. You can visit the Intercultural Inquiry website at to see what other community literacy mentors learned in this collaborative inquiry with their with teenage partners, and can preview Decision Makers at

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A 3:00 - 4:20 pm T Flower BH 255A Add course to my schedule
R Flower BH 255A

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