All times below are for the Pittsburgh Port Authority bus system at the Morewood bus stops.

    Bus schedule by line

28X5:00 am5:20 am5:40 am6:00 am6:20 am6:40 am
61A5:15 am5:33 am5:57 am6:25 am6:50 am7:15 am
61B5:30 am5:54 am6:13 am6:35 am6:57 am7:25 am
61C4:58 am5:28 am5:52 am6:20 am6:41 am7:01 am
67F6:00 am6:46 am7:21 am7:56 am8:14 am8:34 am
71D5:19 am5:39 am6:04 am6:24 am6:49 am7:09 am
5005:33 am5:57 am6:26 am6:50 am7:08 am7:30 am
5016:10 am6:46 am7:16 am7:46 am8:16 am8:46 am

59U9:32 am10:19 am11:02 am11:49 am12:29 pm1:22 pm
61A4:59 am5:43 am6:01 am6:25 am6:56 am7:23 am
61B5:58 am6:22 am6:41 am7:06 am7:30 am7:58 am
61C4:56 am5:25 am6:02 am6:24 am6:48 am7:13 am
67F6:26 am7:12 am7:46 am8:16 am8:28 am8:46 am
71D5:50 am6:10 am6:35 am6:59 am7:26 am7:46 am
5005:53 am6:32 am7:03 am7:29 am7:49 am8:08 am
5017:53 am8:23 am8:53 am9:23 am9:58 am10:28 am

    Bus schedule by time

61C4:58 am
28X5:00 am
61A5:15 am
71D5:19 am
28X5:20 am
61C5:28 am
61B5:30 am
5005:33 am
61A5:33 am
71D5:39 am
28X5:40 am
61C5:52 am
61B5:54 am
5005:57 am
61A5:57 am
28X6:00 am
67F6:00 am
71D6:04 am
5016:10 am
67A6:11 am
        TO SQUIRREL HILL    
61C4:56 am
61A4:59 am
61C5:25 am
61A5:43 am
71D5:50 am
5005:53 am
61B5:58 am
61A6:01 am
61C6:02 am
71D6:10 am
61B6:22 am
61C6:24 am
61A6:25 am
67F6:26 am
5006:32 am
71D6:35 am
67A6:37 am
61B6:41 am
61C6:48 am
61A6:56 am