The Playwright Troupe has been and continues to be a supportive, friendly environment in which authors can hear their plays, scenes, screenplays, one-acts, etc. performed by actors, then constructively critiqued by actors and other playwrights. The playwright troupe is a wonderful and unique opportunity for anyone who has ever written a play.

   The Playwright's Workshop started in the spring of 2001 when Matt and a few friends got together to read a play that he'd written called "Revelations". He felt that he got so much good feedback out of it that other playwrights in Scotch-n-Soda and Carnegie Mellon as a whole might be able to benefit from it. It was proposed as a workshop in the fall of 2001 and at the end of the school year (after 3 meetings) was proposed as a lasting troupe. It was approved. The troupe's artistic director for 2002-2003 was Matthew Heap. Matt has taken the troupe through two years of plays, and has seen the beginning of Scotch on the Rocks, a student written One Act Festival in May of 2002 and 2003. This festival often features plays workshopped by the Playwright Troupe.

   The 2004-2005 school year finds the troupe under the excellent supervision of Ms. Ashley Birt. We yet again have a playwright in control and an excellent year assuredly awaits us.