Are You A Slave Without Knowing It?

With the very rapid advancement of electronic Radio Broadcasting waves which make not a sound which your ears can detect, untold possibilities can happen which includes slavery to the persons who control these radio broadcasting waves. Your entire education of radio was a lie and a cover up of many facts, which places you in a helpless position to be taken advantage of in various ways. There are subliminal audio waves, visual waves, emotional waves, and sensual waves. Alone each can control you, but, together they are impossible to defeat. An additional worry is that various drugs can lessen or destroy our will power. Saddest of all is that subliminal mind messages can be spoken out of your mouth without your knowledge or consent. Imagine how dangerous it is when someone else can talk out of your mouth with their message? You might consent to anything, make an unwanted buy, or sell at a disadvantage, give needed assets away, agree to commit crime, agree to marry someone or divorce, quit your job, insult someone or destroy yourself. It is surprising that many persons making very stupid statements, since they do not realize they were tricked, do what they way, wiser ones upon reflection withdraw their agreement which then often causes problem. This describes the world of subliminal mind control which is a billion dollar funded U.S. Government program. All out media of books, T.V. magazines, radio and newspapers are in a conspiracy of silence to not inform you poor citizens. This successful conspiracy has been going on since 1896. Each president and congress has continued it as it was a national security issue, but without a cold war it is not necessary to waste billions of needed tax dollars on it. This is the advertising, marketing, sales, educational aid, health aid, security and other use areas of the future. Without warning or informing the public so many shocking things go on that it amazes the mind. Social solution issues are going on and will increase as time passes. With placing of mcro chips in dental fillings, dental false teeth, under the skin of the head and implants in the brain, mind conrollers can capture a person as a slave with twenty-four hour control. This does not mean you are safe without implants for no one is safe as radio subliminal transmitters are everywhere. Surveillance is now in every light bulb. It is impossible to escape surveillance unless you are in a closet without a light bulb or a deep forest without electricity anywhere. As you probably know, your T.V. watches you whether it is on or off. Modern electronic science has turned into a nightmare of invading privacy of your mind and body. There is not one existing law against any of this. Trust no one, believe nothing, you can not trust the words out of your mouth. To achieve any happiness you must be paranoid. Our educations must be vastly improved, which subliminal can do from grammar school through college. These electronic advances can be used to develop mind exercises to improve and strengthen our intelligence. We desperately need more Shakespeares, Edisons and Einsteins. A few Thomas Jeffersons might solve these problems of science advancements which are totally neglected at this time. Mail censorship is another accepted government practice for dozens of reason. No lawyer will sue as all know no federal court will allow a win in censorship. Innocents as well as guilty are mail censored. Consumer, human rights, environmentalists and any other trouble makers are experiencing mail censorships problems, of course slave mind control guinea pigs are mail censored to insure no one tells them of their problem. Many thinkers state our government is doing this for a future of our population as in India and Pakistan. The many poor will have to be mind controlled for security.

Our problem is to force media to tell the trust. Our chant should be “Truth, Truth Big Brother, Please Truth.” Then to force congress to spend money on only positive needs of society. There is no way to put this cat back into the bag. A raft of laws are needed to protect us with a thought police to supervise enforcement. God help us. The history of man shows tyranny rules whenever conditions permit. This conspiracy of silence is called the greatest in the history of man for every country in the world does it. The cruelty of man to man will never end. Why does congress do this to us? This is another reason for term limits. Please write your man of God and ask him of subliminal mind control. All of our religions use this as a religious inquisition in dreams forcing Jesus to return to stop it. I cry for all the innocent victims of free America who has returned to slavery. Liberty is only a prayer of many American while they tell us it is a guarantee. Freedom is not a gift. You must fight to protect it.


Robert Roy Lansberry
May 1996