The Bob Lansberry Story:
Over the years the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published many articles on Lansberry. While many journalists took some interest in Lansberry during his 30 year tenure, two journalists in particular, Tom Hritz and Phil Musick, published the most insightful articles.

Robert Lansberry Stills Asking Why He Can't Get Mail
May 7th, 1979
By Tom Hritz
This story represents the first in depth newspaper profile on Lansberry and contains some of the most fascinating tails from the early years.

Neither Sleet, Rain, Snow Stays lansberry's Rounds
May 9th, 1980
By Ann Butler
Lansberry supplies some particulars on the nature of Mind Control.

Lansberry Still Hears Voices, But He's A Changed Man.
April 27th, 1987
By Phil Musick
This story finds Lansberry in a transitional phase from that of the wild-eyed angry protester, to a mild mannered, philosophical, Raph Nader-esque man-of-the-people.

Obituary: Robert R. Lansberry:
Authentic Pittsburgh character who couldn't get his mail

June 11th, 1999
By Timothy McNulty
A beautiful summary of the legacy of Lansberry.