1984 IN THE U.S.A.

By Robert Lansberry

Are you being mind controlled by the subliminal radio? The government has developed a vast secret department involved in the study and advancement of mind control of individuals and groups by the silent radio. Commercial interests are now involved.

This amazing silent radio was invented in 1895. At first, only 1/10 of one percent could subliminally hear it. Advances in science have increased the percentage to 88%. It is predicted that in 10 years, science will improve to cover 95% of the population. sadly the mind control is mostly negative.

These 88% have a high pitch hearing which is called electronic hearing. As a dog hears a silent whistle, these persons hear a silent radio, which sounds the same as thoughts in their minds. All can hear a low pitched frequency.

Tyranny always rules first. this radio is often being used to trick persons into every crime, sin, and stupid decision possible. The mind controllers are government, medical, lawyers, businessmen, psychiatrists, religious, and educational. Everyone is having afield day with these sad, innocent people. Theft by this is everywhere.

This minority, which can be in any ethnic or race, has lost all rights under law because all nations are fearful of the Russians will mind control their country. All nations are using this subliminal radio in experiments of mind control on their citizens. This is another proof that man is intrinsically evil.

It is shocking to discover every large corporation and all colleges have secret mind control departments who cooperate for money in mind control experiments. If you or someone you know constantly make horrible decisions and have ruinous problems, you or they ;might be guinea pigs in mind control experiments. Each year these mind controlled persons are going down the economic ladder as they cannot be trusted. No company knows when one will be selected as a guinea pig, so many are not being hired or prcmoted because of electronic hearing.

Who would risk a sizable work force or persons with electronic hearing for your competitor who could easily wipe you out? The fear of the government using your group as a group experiment limits how many you promote. It has become a tough world for the electronic hearing citizens. Each year they become poorer.

All are taught that a person who hears voices is automatically insane. As the advancement of the silent radio increases, more and more persons are hearing silent radio voices. It is terrible that media covers this up as a national security issue. It is common to place silent radio receivers ind ental fillings, eye glass frames, and earrings to insure communications. For group experiments, rooms and buildings are .entirely wired in many ways to insure no communication failures.

If you or your group is in an experiment, you shall be placed into 24 hour electronic surveillance. there will be almost no way to escape surveillance. First, almost all street lights and traffic lights are infra-red TV cameras specifically used for surveillance as in George Orwell's 1984, the TV sets are TV cameras watching you whether they are on or off. A new twist is the light bulb in ceilings or lamps can be TV cameras., with silent radio voices. In prison cells the overhead light i bulb watches, talks, and hears all. Big Brother is alive and doing evil!

Please write your questions or thoughts to -Robert Lansberry, 5148 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201. If you don't receive an answer, it is because of mail censorship. More of our freedoms are being stolen as a cover up of the silent radio than anything in history. Not one word of this sheet is a national j secret. This is another example of self censorship of the media who are satisfying the lust of all the powerful.

These evil cruel mind control experiments demonstrate the j lack of compassion and morality in our government and in our religions. Because of fear of government and or religions, not i the one organization will attack the policies or politicians who control these experiments. American civil Liberties Union states they know nothing about mind control by silent radio. Al the other organizations state the same. Many liars live in this world. Only the Presbyterian church is against this.

The future will be a strange world where all will be mind i controlled from birth by big brother. God help us. In the end the religions will suffer most.