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Publications in 2000

Anderson, J.R., Greeno, J.G., Reder, L.M., & Simon, H.A. (2000). Perspectives on learning, thinking, and activity. Educational Researcher, 29(4), 11-13. [download PDF]

Anderson, J.R., Reder, L.M., & Simon, H.A. (2000, Summer). Applications and misapplications of cognitive psychology to mathematics education. Texas Educational Review [download PDF]

Lovett, M.C., Daily, L.Z., & Reder, L.M. (2000). A source activation theory of working memory: Cross-task prediction of performance in ACT-R. Journal of Cognitive Systems Research, 99-118. [download PDF]

Reder, L.M., Nhouyvansivong, A., Schunn, C.D., Ayers, M.S., Angstadt, P., & Hiraki, K. (2000). A mechanistic account of the mirror effect for word frequency: A computational model of remember/know judgments in a continuous recognition paradigm. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition, 26(2), 294-320.  [download PDF]

Spehn, M.K. & Reder, L.M. (2000). The unconscious feeling of knowing: A commentary on Koriatʬs paper. Consciousness and Cognition, 9, 187-192. [download PDF]