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Mark Poepping
Head IT Architect for Computing Services
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I'm responsible for wrangling the technical issues across the organizational directorates in Computing Services here at Carnegie Mellon, so I try to ensure that we have a coherent set of technical motivations for what we do that complement and support the organizational motivations and financial realities.

I'm don't work too hard at keeping this up to date so you should take a very limited view of the content on these pages. No promises on currency on the specific topics.

One of these days I might actually fix on this, someday...

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  • Why Decisions Fail - Clarity, Commitment, Capacity

  • These are the three legs of Decision effectiveness. They are interdependent but Clarity is the first, most important goal, without it you have no objective basis to manage commitment nor capacity. While necessary however, Clarity alone is process without spirit and insufficient for highly productive teams.
    1. Clarity - Does the team understand goals and next steps in context of the requiremetns?
    2. Commitment - Does the team support the path, will they satisfy their accountabilities?
    3. Capacity - Does the available expertise and resource match the requirement?
  • Schneier Four Questions
    1. What problem are you trying to solve?
    2. How well does this solve the problem?
    3. What new problems does it create?
    4. Is the value worth the cost?
  • Portfolio Management:
    1. Early Disclosure
    2. High Level Understanding
    3. Reasonable Review
  • Applications to Infrastructure Maturity Model:
    1. Co-Existant -> Interoperable -> Compatible -> Integrated -> Delegated (to Infrastructure)
  • Decision Process:
    1. Discover
    2. Propose with ramifications and expectations (maybe options)
    3. Decide
    4. Deliver and Review accountabilities
  • Innovation Maturity
    1. Research -> Experiment -> Pilot -> Production -> Deprecate


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    Obligatory Disclaimer: Whatever you find here is generally out of date. Related links often will contain intermediate information and half-baked results.   Nothing you find here should be construed as official policy of Computing Services, nor as the canonical voice of current ideologies.  If you're looking for official policy, please refer to the Computing Services Website, or drop a note to advisor or me.