Bike Patrol

I begin my day by doing a duty check in at our Braddock Security Hub (SEC-HUB). I only have to physically go to the SEC-HUB station a few times a month. I always wear my SEC-HUB mandated recording device that manages all my minute by minute interaction with SEC-HUB dispatch and with all my networked fellow officers.

Gym & Life Wellness Clinic

I make my once-yearly stop by the Life Wellness Clinic to meet with my Life Wellness Coach. Everyone in the community is provided one by the Braddock government and paid for with part of our taxes. I go there to tune up and calibrate my Life Status Tracker.


After work I take my family to the town block party in order to catch up with the neighbors outside of when I’m patrolling Braddock. We have an COMMUNITYBRADDOCK block party twice a month at different locations in the neighborhood.

Learning District

When I get home I head to the Carnegie Mellon-Braddock Ideation Hub to take my night class with some of the other people in our co-housing community.