Learning District

As a student enrolled in the CMDLP (Carnegie Mellon Distributed Learning Program) I spend my mornings at different CMUni Hubs. These hubs act as great collaborative work spaces for carrying out the Digi-Sy(Digital Syllabus) distributed at the beginning of the semester.

Innovation District

I really wanted to get into the the Department of Entrepreneurship early so I could get a head start on the work I do as an intern. The Department of Entrepreneurship is basically the headquarters for all startups in Braddock.


After work I walk through BTP (Braddock Think Park) on my way to the Arts and Learning District to visit Candice, my little sister. The BTP is self-sustaining and regulates vegetation, watering, and litter control on its own.

Learning District

When I get to the Arts and Learning District I head to the lecture hall to listen to the CEO of Neuroogle, a brain-search system that can automatically locate and identify any neuro problems one might have, give a lecture on how they had come up with their idea.OO