Innovation Fellowship

Navid has received the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship's' Innovation Fellowship. The commercialization efforts toward mass manufacturing of Thubber will be supported by this fellowship in the acdemic year 2017-18. [website]

Paper Accepted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

I am proud to announce that our paper "High thermal conductivity in soft elastomers with elongated liquid metal inclusions" is now online at PNAS .

Advanced Materials Inside Back Cover

Our latest paper, "Stretchable, high-k dielectric elastomers through liquid metal inclusions", is presenting on the inside back cover of Advanced Materials, Volume 28, issue 19. Click here for the link to the cover photo.

Poster Presentation

I presented a poster at both Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Symposiums, at Carnegie Mellon university, on our latest research on "Soft Materials With high Termal Conductivity". I won second place award of the Civil Engineering poster competition. (05/29/2016)

Paper Accepted in Advanced Materials

Our paper "Stretchable, high-k dielectric elastomers through liquid metal inclusions" got accepted in advanced Materials journal. We are so excited to see the paper online very soon." [ Publications ] (02/18/2016)

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