Effervescent Air
composer: Nancy Galbraith (2012)
genre: chamber orchestra, electo-acoustic
length: 3 movements, 14:30 minutes
orchestration: solo amplified flute (with reverb & delay pedals),
solo amplified piano (with delay pedal—2nd mvt.),
2 percussion, strings
publisher: Subito Music Publishing (ASCAP)
60 Depot Street, Verona, NJ 07044
mail@subitomusic.com • 973-857-3440

movements: 1. Effervescent Air    2. Sylphine Sails    3. Coal and Ice   
world premiere: 18 November 2012
Stephen Schultz, electric Baroque flute; Luz Manriquez, piano
Carnegie Mellon Baroque Ensemble; Daniel Curtis, guest conductor
Alumni Concert Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
other version: Effervescent Air for Piano Four Hands
program notes:

Effervescent Air features a solo amplified flute (with reverb), solo piano, two percussionists, and a chamber string ensemble. Occasional echo effects from the two soloists are produced using delay effects pedals. The first and third movements are light, airy, fast and rhythmic, and the middle movement is serene and reflective.

The first movement, also titled Effervescent Air, opens with light, airy exchanges between the flute and piano, complemented with rich string tones. This section is followed by echoing flute floating over a delicate string climax that dissipates into thin, 'effervescent air.' The second movement, Sylphine Sails, opens ominously, then enters into a timeless environment of open sky and sea. The serene atmosphere eventually devolves, giving way to a chaotic swirl of sensuous sound, then gradually reassembles and gently sails to a peaceful conclusion. The final movement, Coal and Ice, is energetic throughout with lively exchanges between soloists and ensemble. The middle section opens with shimmering strings followed by a rhythmic dance, then abruptly begins a steady ascent to a thrilling conclusion.

recordings: Nancy Galbraith: Strange Travels
Centaur Records (CRC 3406) • 2014 • UPC: 044747310626
Rishi Mirchandani, piano
source: nancygalbraith.com