A little bit about us.

What is Mock Trial?

Essentially, Mock Trial is a combination of public speaking, debate, and acting. At the beginning of every academic year, we are presented with a new case. It is our job, as attorneys and witnesses, to develop a strategy for both sides of the case and present it to a judge or several judges. We present our cases in the style of a mock courtroom against an opposing team from another university. We develop theories about the case, explore characters of witnesses, and try to anticipate what other teams could bring against us. It's funsies. For your reading pleasure.

Tell me a little about Mock Trial at CMU

We are CMU's only competitive public speaking and debate program (and proud of it). We have two teams that travel to tournaments and compete against other schools. We're also a proud member of the American Mock Trial Association, the governing organization for the college circuit of Mock Trial. We are largely self-run and self-coached, so every team member contributes heavily to all aspects of case development. Most of us are pretty cool, so come by a meeting to get to know a little more about us and the organization.

I've never done Mock Trial before, but I'm interested in Speech and Debate, MUN, Moot Court, etc.

Sorry, buddy, but we're the only competitive public speakingorganization on campus. So you're incorporates a lot of elements from other public speaking or debate organizations that you may have participated in during High School.

What kind of a time committment is it?

Truth be told, Mock Trial is probably one of the more time-consuming clubs at CMU. We expect at least three meetings a week, and each meeting typically lasts 2-3 hours. Depending on your team and its captains, this can vary. The weeks before tournaments are generally more packed than other weeks, but, again, to varying degrees.

I'm not really interested in becoming a lawyer, but Mock Trial sounds interesting.

Never fear! At a school like CMU that's filled with techy, sciencey, and artsy people, it's no surprise that many of the people involved with Mock Trial have not been, are not, and likely never will be interested in becoming a lawyer. Our teams are littered with students studying Computer Science, Creative Writing, Engineering, Physics, Math, and Music. Whoever you are, if you're interested in what we do, you'll fit right in.

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