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ND25-3416 Painting
ND25-48 General
ND49-813 History, individual artists
ND1115-1120 Study and teaching
ND1290-1460 Special subjects
ND1470-1625 Techniques and materials
ND1700-2495 Watercolor painting
ND2550-2733 Mural painting
ND2889-3416 Illuminating of manuscripts and books

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Remember to note library locations in the catalog!

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Painting today
Godfrey, Tony. Phaidon Press, 2009
HUNT-FA-REF-4 (Arts Reference Hunt 4th Floor)
ND195 .G63 2009

More examples of surveys (in Art Research Guide: Basic Resources)

RESEARCH HINT : Many major survey books (such as the one above) are shelved in the non-circulating Arts Reference (FA-REF) section of the 4th Floor of Hunt Library.


Museum and Gallery Collections


The triumph of painting : the Saatchi Gallery
Schwabsky, Barry. London :Jonathan Cape, 2005
HUNT FA-REF-4 (Arts Reference Hunt 4th Floor)
ND458 .T75 2005

Modern painting and sculpture : 1880 to the present at the Museum of Modern Art
Elderfield, John. New York :Museum of Modern Art, 2004
HUNT FA-REF-4 (Arts Reference Hunt 4th Floor)
N6447 .M88 2004


  • Some major museum and gallery collections catalogs (such as the ones above) are shelved in the non-circulating section of the 4th floor in Hunt Library called Arts Reference. (Location: FA-REF) Many others are shelved in the circulating stacks. To search for museum and gallery collection catalogs in Cameo, The Library Catalog, search the name of a museum or gallery.
  • Search the web sites of known museums, galleries and other institutions such as such as Carnegie Museum of Art or the Whitney Museum of Art etc. to access images or information about exhibitions and artists in their collections.


Exhibition Catalogs

2010 Whitney Biennial curated by Francesco Bonami and Gary Carrion-Murayari
ew York : Whitney Museum of American Art ; New Haven [Conn.] : Distributed by Yale University Press, c2010.
HUNT FA-REF-4 (Arts Reference Hunt 4th Floor)
N6512.7 .A15 2010

More examples of exhibition biennial and triennial catalogs
(in Art Research Guide: Basic Resources)


  • To Browse exhibition catalogs in Cameo, the library catalog, try using the keyword phrase:
    exhibitions and painting; AND/OR limit that search by adding keyword(s) such as exhibitions and painting and 20th century.
  • If you know the name of an artist search on the artist's name and look for exhibition information in the citation in Cameo.
  • Search the web for the web sites of museums, galleries and other institutions to access images or information about their exhibitions.

Biographical Dictionaries/Encyclopedias


Pendergast, Sara and Pendergast,Tom, eds. Contemporary Artists. Chicago: St. James Press, 2002.
FA-REF-4 N6490 .C6567 2002, 2 Vols.
Focus is on known, established artists with comprehensive information. Previous editions by various editors are shelved next the most recent edition.



Monograph=books, exhibition catalogs or other writings on a single artist or topic. Look up monographs by the name of the artist in Cameo, the library catalog.

Example of an artist monograph:

Klein, Alex Barbara Kasten: Stages. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Zurich Switzerland: Institute of Contemporary Art, 2015.
HUNT OVRSZQ-4 TR647 .k37 2015



Art 21: Art in the 21st Century
Both a PBS television series/website and a series of books videos and dvds.
Search Art 21 as SERIES in Cameo,the library catalog, to get book or media locations.

Cream: Contemporary Art in Culture. Phaidon Press
A series of very thick volumes with good images of contemporary artists and information on an artist/work
Titles in the Hunt Arts Reference section (FA-REF) include Cream N6490 .C729 1998
Fresh Cream N6490 .F74 2000, Cream 3 N6490 .C742 2003 and Ice Cream N6490 .I24X 2007




Article Databases
Periodical literature is one of the best ways to look for more in-depth information on just-emerging artists because journals, magazines and newspapers are published more frequently (that is, periodically - thus the term, periodical) and tends to be current or even up-to-the-minute. Some of these databases are full-text and/or in PDF format. Note: If you don't find an article online, check the University Libraries e-journals list for alternative sources.

  • Art Source
    Focus on art and architecture; combines article databases Art Full-Text, Art Index Retrospective and Art and Architecture Complete with increased access to full-text content. International coverage including some full-text books and images.

  • ARTbibliographies Modern 1974-present
    Citations and abstracts

    Journal articles, exhibition catalogs, exhibition reviews, books, dissertations and essays in books or exhibition catalogs. Covers modern and contemporary art, art history, photography and design beginning with artists and movements in the late 19th century, and photography since it's invention in 1839.

  • Bibliography of the History of Art/Repertoire de la literature de l'art
    Citations and abstracts
    The(BHA/RILA) database contains citations and abstracts for European and American books, journal articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, exhibition catalogs and dealers' catalogs covering topics from late antiquity through the first decade of the 21st century. The database combines the records of BHA from 1990-2007 and records from The Repertoire de la litterature de l'art (RILA), one of the predecessors of BHA, covering publication years 1975-1989.

Periodicals: Interdisciplinary

Arts Journals in print in Hunt Library

One journal you may want to browse periodically is New American Paintings. You can find the current issue of the journal on the 4th floor of Hunt Library (back issues on the the 3rd floor of Hunt). Check out the following website for the annual New American Paintings Juried exhibition:

New American Paintings:Juried Exhibitions in Print


Images and Media

CMU image databases and media collections

Check out the Arts Library Visual Resources page first for high-resolution images in databases such as ArtStor,

Video/DVD Collection
To search for videos in Cameo:
Choose Advanced Search, use the pull-down menu and choose VIDEO-BSMT (Videos Hunt Basement)
Search for author, title or keywords as usual.

Open-access web resources (a few good ones)

Famed PBS series on visual art and artists

Artcylopedia (John Malyon, Alberta, Canada)
Free-web encyclopedia of thousands of links to artists and their work with introductory biographies for each artist. Includes a glossary and handy gateway to museum links worldwide.

Modern and Contemporary Artists and Art
Major 20th-21st century artists biographies and photo portraits, selected images of artists works. Also includes images and links via art movements or medium. Site began in 1998, based in the Netherlands and is hosted at in the United States. Partners with the for-profit sector, so expect promos and advertisements that may not be related to your search. Artists and galleries can also pay to be listed.

Google Images
You can find many images here, but the image quality will vary. Assess carefully the original source of the images/information. Is the source reliable?

You Tube
Individual artists and museums and galleries are increasingly using You Tube to broadcast information.
Assess carefully where the information is coming from when you use this resource- anyone can broadcast on You Tube.

Vimeo Art