Magnetic Nanohybrid Materials

Magnetophoresis and Colloidal Stability of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Personally, I find a lot of delight in mentoring pre-university students for their scientific project. It is a new experience for me and I’m pretty excited of getting the chances to interact with very young people. Up to this point, I have worked with numerous groups of student from MARA as a mentor for their scientific project. The overall learning curve is steep for me as I find explaining science to pre-uni students is much harder and challenging, but I am always welcoming any sharing opportunity. If you are a high school student and happened to have a really “cool” idea about magnetic nanoparticles and wish to pursue it as your research project, please kindly send me an email at chjitkangl@usm.my. Please spare me a couple of days to response back to you.



(Left) Jart and group members from Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang (KMKN) with their poster presentation on magnetophoresis of Fe3O4 (Right) Showing off their gold medal


Another group of students from KMKN (From left) Khairul, Naim and Sani with HuiXin working hard in the lab.

JitKang explain the balance of gravitational pulling and air resistance to a group of young kids from Crystal Home and Shan Children’s Home of Penang.


On March 14, 2015, in collaboration with Cooperate Social Responsibility Division of Shangri-La Resorts Penang, USM and YSN-ASM, JitKang engaged in an outreach activity by sharing his interest on science with a group of very energetic kids. Not only JK gives a talk on awesome science but he also did some very interesting experiments with the kids and explained the physics behind it.

JitKang’s outreach efforts was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News (June 22, 2015 issue) published by American Chemical Society. Click (here) for full article.

Students from Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang (KMKN) get a taste of how research looks like in JK’s lab.


Students from MRSM KUbang Pasu joined JitKang’s group for their scientific project on Magnetic Separator Design

Aishah, Aisyah and Sarah in action with SimSiong and WeiMing for their magnetic separator project. They are competing in the Engineering, Science and Technology Youth Program 2016. Wishing them all the BEST!