Our group has a broad spectrum of interests in problems related to both physical behaviors and potential engineering applications of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs). Most of our research activities built around physical chemistry, transport phenomena and colloidal behaviors of MNPs at nanoscale. Our current research interests focus on the following areas:

Magnetic Separation. By investigating colloidal force involved through DLVO analysis, we study the MNP-cell interactions to better understand how magnetic separation of non-magnetic biological compound could be carried out effectively.

MNP-polymer hybrid materials. We developed various guided assembly strategies to synthesize MNP augmented hybrid structure for the purpose of environmental engineering applications.

Transport behaviors of MNPs under low field gradient. The magnetophoretic behaviors of surface functionalized MNPs are investigated under inhomogeneous, low gradient magnetic field. 



Magnetic Nanohybrid Materials

Magnetophoresis and Colloidal Stability of Magnetic Nanoparticles

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