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Jonathan Cagan and Craig Vogel




We introduce a meta approach to thinking about revolutionary and evolutionary product development that infuses value into the inter-relationship between product, customer, and brand.

We provide:
 training workshops and seminars for executives (on-site or off-site)
 training workshops and seminars for product development teams
(on-site or off-site)
 feedback and directions for future trends based on individual
company Social, Economic and Technology (SET) Factors
 feedback and direction for clarity in corporate product capability

Our expertise includes approaches to:
 Finding the right opportunities for new products and appropriate
innovation to improve existing products;
 Designing products and services that customers perceive as truly
valuable by appropriate integration of style and technology;
 Maximizing front-end decisions to minimize downstream corrections;
 Reducing cycle times without reducing innovation and quality;
 Building and maintaining brand equity through a strong product;
 Integrating design, marketing, and engineering by reducing 'perceptual
gaps' and producing products that are considered useful, usable, and
desirable by the customer;
 Appropriately positioning the role of technology in product development;
 Recognizing the significance of industrial and interaction design in the
product development process;
 Attracting, preparing, and retaining the best people.