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Jonathan Cagan and Craig M. Vogel, Co-Directors

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA



Example research projects

Sidewinder is a side worktable that targets the heavy use/heavy utility pick-up truck segments. The table folds down for use and up for transportation, and can be removed and brought to the worksite where it had legs that folded down; the bracket system is removable for weekend recreation use of the vehicle.

MasterRack is an innovative approach to truck storage that targets family use buy extends to professional application. The product has a side rail that attaches on both sides into the rail posts of the bed with a stationary and sliding rail and with intermittent holes; containers with specially designed pegs fit into the holes on the rail that slides closed to latch.

NoFuss Camping Storage System (with Rail Guide Technology) is an aftermarket product system for a pickup truck that provides everything a family of 4 needs to begin camping; color-coordinated special containers allow for quick access to lanterns, sleeping bags, tent, food, clothes, stove, and first aid kit.