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Jonathan Cagan and Craig M. Vogel

Early Praise

Charles Jones

Vice President, Global Consumer Design, Whirpool Corporation
"Cagan and Vogel have nailed it! This is the first book I have read which addresses the three key areas of modern product development: understanding the value of dimension, understanding the branding dimension, and understanding the consumer dimension. The authors successful knit these concepts together into an effective and readable continuum that provides usable insight and tools that anyone in a product development role can use."

Henry Petroski

Author of Invention by Design and the Evolution of Useful Things
"Cagan and Vogel’s Creating Breakthrough Products is an engaging and insightful look at innovation. The authors have chosen their case studies widely and wisely, and they have produced a book that should find a receptive readership among the diverse membership of successful product development teams."

Nancy Philippart

Director, Product Development
"Cagan and Vogel have written a straightforward, easy-to-follow book that describes the how to’s of great product development. Full of case studies and examples, their book provides important insight for the novice as well as the veteran product developer."

Anthony Sella

Executive Vice President of Advertising and Marketing,
Creative Director, Twentieth Century Fox

"In a business where the shelf life of your product is a weekend, I found the book’s approach to a disciplined strategic team concept (iNPD) to be an invaluable tool in marketing strategies where identifying and targeting customers is paramount. Essentially every film is a new product and 'breakthrough product' is the name of the game. Now, thanks to Cagan and Vogel, there is finally a mantra for the next millennium: form and function must fulfill fantasy."

Lou Lenzi

Vice President, New Media Services SBU, Thomson multimedia Inc
"Whether you’re new to the game and don’t want to break something on the way to the next salary grade, or you are experienced and want to push your company to new levels of performance and innovation in today’s marketplace, I highly recommend spending time with this book."

Gurminder S. Bedi

Vice President, North American Truck, Ford Motor Company
"As one of the participants with Professors Cagan and Vogel in the Carnegie Mellon Integrated Product Development course work, we have seen first hand the benefits of the 'breakthrough conceptualizing'and 'movement to the Upper Right'tools expounded in this book. Clearly the case studies presented speak for themselves and provide a business model for innovation in any industry."