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All comments below are based as my experience as an interpreter and are not set in stone. These are based on what was discussed in the experience today.


In the song Materialista, Silvestre and Nicky Jam use the word rumba. Rumba is a kind of dance, but we also use it as a synonym for party/partying.


  • “I threw a wish in the well/Don’t ask me I’ll never tell/I looked at you as it fell/And now you’re in my way” -Carly Rae Jepsen (Call Me Maybe)

The translation we agreed on was

  • “Yo tiré un deseo en el pozo/no me preguntes, nunca lo diré/Te miré mientras caía/y ahora estás en mi camino” -Carly Raw Jepsen (Call Me Maybe)


The interpretation exercise today was based on the song El Amante by Nicky Jam. Music video above. The snippet we tried to interpret was

“Esta la hice pa' él/Cuando la escuche, quiero estar ahí para ver/Cuando se entere y sepa que soy dueño de usted/Tal vez suene un poco mal, lo sé y no me luce/Todo es por usted”

-Nicky Jam (El Amante)


The book of the week is Manual del Guerrero de la Luz. Click the image to see the entry on the database.

Manuel del Guerrero de la Luz

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