Intern Testimonials

George Brown
Jordan, 2005
I spent the summer working in Jordan for the General Investment Company (GIC). I lived in Amman and took the public bus every morning to Zarqa, about 20 km away. I mostly worked in the maintenance department of the Amstel brewery.

I also spent some time in the brew house and packaging departments. The work was like any other job, expect that I was in a totally foreign country speaking another language. It was challenging to live and work everyday in Jordan, but the experience was amazing.

I would recommend an IAESTE internship to anyone. I was also able to travel around the country every weekend to visit different places. The whole summer was incredible.

Alana Frome
China, 2005
In the summer of 2005, I had the opportunity to intern abroad in Shanghai, China through IAESTE. I am a computer engineering major, and while in China I worked for an international engineering company (Celestica) doing computer chip design.

The company offered great technical experience and an amiable working staff; the country offered a world of cultural experiences. Though working, I was able to travel around China on the weekends- I saw amazing sites such as the Great Wall and many ancient temples. But even more fascinating, was the experience of everyday life in metropolitan China. I highly recommend going abroad, it truly is the experience of a lifetime!

Jessica Heasley
Northern Ireland, 2005
I have always been interested in other cultures and ideas and have always wanted to travel. Because study abroad semester programs were difficult to incorporate into my mechanical engineering coursework, an international internship provided me with an excellent alternative.

I was able to experience another culture while living and working within it, and it is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. My summer in Belfast, Northern Ireland posed unique challenges and opportunities both personally and professionally. I worked in a computer lab among seven French students at the local university and lived in university housing among dozens of international students.

My days at work brought me experience with mechanical engineering computer software and well as an ability to interact and collaborate with my Irish and French co-workers, and my weekends allowed me to travel the area in the company of students from all parts of the world.

Sarah Jane Reid
Serbia and Montenegro, 2005
I spent summer '05 working in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. It was certainly a character-building experience-- not to mention a lot of fun. I worked for a dynamic and interesting professor at the University of Belgrade.

IAESTE was a great way to go to a "non-traditional" travel destination like Serbia and Montenegro. By working for two months in Belgrade, I got to see so much more of the rich, ancient culture of the area than I would have seen as a tourist. Between my work, my daily life, and working with other IAESTE interns, I was constantly exposed to new challenges and leadership opportunities which I think will benefit me later in life.

The local committee took great care of me and the other interns were amazing companions. Now, I have friends in Colombia, Sweden, Jordan, Syria and so many other countries. I couldn't have asked for more from my summer.

Kavita Arora
Mexico, 2004
I had the opportunity of going to Los Mochis, Mexico on an IAESTE internship, where my chief responsibility was to redesign some of the Information Technology infrastructure and create a company homepage for a chemical products distributor Equipos y Productos Quimicos del Noroeste.

In my opinion, this was one of the most exciting career opportunities presented to me, and I enjoyed myself to the fullest, bonding with my co-workers and meeting lots of new people from the area! I really got a good taste of what mexican culture was all about...I was only 10 miles away from the north-west pacific coast, so I went to the beach a lot!

Shirlene Lim
Finland, 2004
I had a 2 month internship in Helsinki at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) doing research with the Biomedical Engineering department. I was given the chance to do the first few preliminary implementations of diffusion tensor registration at the HUT that would ultimately be optimized and compiled into the 3D brain atlas that they are developing.

It was the BEST SUMMER I'VE EVER HAD! I made friends from all over the world (I still keep in touch with them) and I learnt a lot in terms of work experience as well as experienced a whole new culture (Finnish)! A summer internship abroad is an experience that everyone should have and it's something that you have to DO to really understand how valuable that experience will be. This is something that I will never ever forget because it has enriched my life in so many ways, you have to experience it yourself to understand what I mean!

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