International Internship Placement Program

Why Host an Intern?
Hiring Process
Employer Requirements

Why Host an Intern?
  • Talented and highly skilled individuals
    The IAESTE internship program has over 30,000 students, undergraduate, graduate and post-docs that apply each year. You can select from a range of different candidates that suit the specific needs of your project.
  • Diversity
    By hosting an international undergraduate, graduate or PhD student, you are bringing about greater diversity to your workplace, creating a diverse and international atmosphere.
  • Supporting Carnegie Mellon students
    For each full-time internship that is hosted by a Carnegie Mellon faculty member, a Carnegie Mellon undergraduate or graduate student gets the chance of receiving an internship abroad. Help us send more of our students out to become global leaders!
  • Ease of Application
    As the legal sponsor, IAESTE United States/AIPT assumes responsibility for your interns while they are in the United States, with respect to J-1 visa and immigration matters. IAESTE United States/AIPT is designated by the Department of State to issue J-1 visa documentation. As a host employer, you do not have to deal with visas or insurance.
  • Local Committee Network
    Part of the internship program is the Reception, hosted by the local committee. The intern is picked up from the airport, found housing, helped with social security, and shown around Pittsburgh.

Hiring Process
  1. You can specify the qualifications and timeframe you need for an intern.
  2. Exchange
    In January, IAESTE United States will exchange your offer with one of 80+ IAESTE counterparts, who will then nominate a highly qualified student candidate.
  3. Nomination
    During the spring, a candidate is nominated for your position and his/her application is sent to you. If you accept, IAESTE United States finalizes all of the paperwork, including the J-1 visa authorization. If you reject, you will be sent another candidate's application.

Employer Requirements
  1. Program Fee
    This one-time program fee includes the cost of visa and the intern's health insurance
    Program Length
    Up to 3 months
    3 - 6 months
    6 - 12 months
    University Fee
    Industry Fee
  2. Full-time, Paid Internship
    Internships must be full-time (32-40 hrs/wk), be less than 10% adminstrative workk, and pay at least cost of living ($10-14/hr). While interns are in this program for the international aspect, they must be able to live in the country while they are here.


  • Fall:
    Determine qualifications and needs of intern by completing Offer of Training form.
  • January:
    Positions are exchanged between countries and candidates are nominated for your position.
  • Spring:
    The nominated candidate's application is sent to you for your acceptance or rejection. If you accept, IAESTE U.S. finalizes paperwork and visa authorization.

If you any other questions, check out this FAQ sheet or contact us.

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