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George H. Chen

Assistant Professor of Information Systems, Heinz College
Affiliated Faculty, Machine Learning Department
Carnegie Mellon University

Email: georgechen [at symbol]

Office: HBH 2216 (the west wing of Hamburg Hall, second floor)


I primarily work on building trustworthy machine learning models for time-to-event prediction (survival analysis) and for time series analysis. I often use nonparametric prediction models that work well under very few assumptions on the data. My main application area is in healthcare.

Survival analysis tutorial: Much of what I work on is survival analysis. I developed and taught a survival analysis tutorial at CHIL 2020 (co-taught with Jeremy Weiss) and at SIGMETRICS 2021. [tutorial webpage]

CoolCrop: I occasionally also work on machine learning for the developing world. I co-founded and now serve as an advisor for CoolCrop, an AgriTech startup based in India that works on providing farmers with cold storage units (such as a refrigerator shared by a village) and market forecasts. We're currently serving over 9000 farmers across 7 states in India at over 40 sites.

Pre-historic: I obtained my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. My thesis was on nonparametric machine learning methods. At MIT, I also worked on satellite image analysis to help bring electricity to rural India, and taught twice in Jerusalem for MEET, a program that brings together Israeli and Palestinian high school students to learn computer science and entrepreneurship. I completed my B.S. at UC Berkeley, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and Engineering Mathematics and Statistics.

My CV can be found here.

Some News

Survival analysis symposium (Oct 2023): Russ Greiner, Chirag Nagpal, Weijing Tang, Kevin Xu, and I are co-organizing a AAAI 2023 fall symposium on survival analysis/time-to-event prediction. [webpage]

Post doc Shu Hu will start in Fall 2023 as an assistant professor at IUPUI within the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology: many congrats to Shu!

Graduating PhD student Yue Zhao defended his PhD thesis and will start in Fall 2023 as an assistant professor at USC in Computer Science: many congrats to Yue!

PhD student Shahriar Noroozizadeh wins the Suresh Konda best first research paper award at CMU's Heinz College: many congrats to Shahriar!

NeurIPS 2023: I will be serving as an area chair.

MEET Summer 2023: I'm slated to return to Jerusalem this summer to teach computer science to Israeli and Palestinian high school students as part of MIT's Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET) program. I previously taught for this program in the summers of 2015 and 2016.

Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) (May 7-13, 2022): This is a high school science and engineering fair that I was a finalist in back in 2006 (it was called Intel ISEF then). On May 11, 2022, I was on the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Impact panel (along with other ISEF alumni Ulyana Pena, Ashley Sarracino, Matthew Tamayo, and Mo Zerban), answering a variety of questions.

Conference on Health, Inference, and Learning (CHIL) (April 7-8, 2022): I was proceedings chair (with Gerardo Flores and Tom Pollard) [conference website]

NSF CAREER award (June 24, 2021): I received an NSF CAREER award for my proposed project on developing real-time nonparametric machine learning models for healthcare with guarantees

Teaching (Spring 2023, mini 4)

95-865 "Unstructured Data Analytics" (Sections A4/B4/Z4)

Research Supervision

I've had the fortune of working with many wonderful students over the years (listed below). If you're interested in working with me and you already are a CMU student, then feel free to shoot me an email telling me what you're particularly excited about working on, why it overlaps with my research interests, and what skills you've already cultivated. I do not take on students who are not already admitted to CMU.

Current PhD student collaborators:

Past students and where they went after graduating:

  • Yue Zhao (PhD 2023), Assistant Professor at USC Department of Computer Science
  • Emaad Manzoor (PhD 2021), Assistant Professor at Cornell University SC Johnson Graduate School of Management
  • Mi Zhou (PhD 2020), Assistant Professor at UBC Sauder School of Business
  • Wei Ma (master's in ML 2018/PhD 2019), Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Lynn H. Kaack (master's in ML 2018/PhD 2019), Assistant Professor at the Hertie School
  • Thomas Tam (MSPPM 2023), Sunstella Foundation/Jewish Healthcare Foundation
  • Brenda Palma (MISM 2022), Markaaz
  • Xiaotong (Maggie) Lu (MISM 2020), Uber
  • Runtong (Fred) Yang (MISM 2019), Indeed
  • Ren Zuo (MISM 2018), Cornerstone Research
  • Linhong (Lexie) Li (B.S. 2020), McKinsey
  • Junyan Pu (B.S. 2020), CMU master's degree program in CS
♣ indicates a PhD student who worked with me on a secondary master's in ML (I was their master's research advisor but not their PhD research advisor)

Past postdoc:

  • Shu Hu (postdoc from Fall 2022 to Summer 2023), Assistant Professor at IUPUI Purdue School of Engineering and Technology


You can also find my papers listed on Google Scholar.

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