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Please email me for additional course information (syllabi, lecture notes, data).

Undergraduate courses

CMU-Qatar Executive Education courses

  • Decision Making in Groups and Organizations (with Ben Collier). Fall 2014
  • Informing Business Decisions through Market Research (with Peter StĆ¼ttgen). Spring 2015.
  • Introduction to Data-Driven Computer Security (with Daniel Phelps). Planned - Spring 2015

Previous courses

  • Introduction the Public Political Process (Fall 2009, UPenn)
  • The Political Economy of the Media (Spring 2009, UPenn)
  • Agent-Based Models for the Social Sciences (Fall 2008, UPenn)


Old Section notes:

  • Strategic Models of Political Economy (Harvard Gov1015)
  • Game Theory (MIT 17.881)
  • General Equilibrium, Cooperative Game Theory, Mechanism Design (Harvard Ec2010b)
  • Microeconomics I (Harvard Ec2020a)
  • Microeconomics II (Harvard Ec2020b)
  • Psychology and Economics (Harvard Ec S-1032; CMU 88-302)
  • Decision Processes in American Political Institutions (CMU 88-104)