Regular Undergraduate Teaching

Phil 335/635: Social & Political Philosophy (2019F, 2018F, 2017F, 2016F)

Phil 336/636: Philosophy of Law (2018S, 2016S)

Phil 348/648: Health, Human Rights, and International Development (2019F, 2018S, 2016S, 2014F)

Phil 447/747: Global Justice (2015F, 2013F)

Phil/His 449: Ethics, History, & Public Policy Capstone:
     2017F: Autonomous Vehicles in Pittsburgh
(syllabus, final report)
     2016F: Gentrification in Pittsburgh (syllabus, final report)

Recent Graduate Seminars

  • Global Justice and Health, Fall 2020 (syllabus)
  • Liberal Neutrality and Civic Obligation, Fall 2018 (syllabus)
  • Structures of (In)Justice, Spring 2017 (syllabus)
  • Autonomy, Freedom, and Non-Domination, Spring 2015 (syllabus)
  • Democracy & Equality, Spring 2014 (syllabus)
  • Global Justice & Bioethics, Fall 2012 (CWRU School of Medicine)