The Parno Group

Experimental neutrino physics at Carnegie Mellon University

LGBT+ Physicists

I am proud to be an organizer of the LGBT+ Physicists group, a grassroots organization devoted to supporting physicists who are members of gender and sexual minorities and improving the climate in which we all study and work. I helped lead the development of the Best Practices Guide for physics and astronomy departments. This document is filled with useful tips for making a department more welcoming of all its students, faculty and staff.

Programming Blog

I maintain a blog of programming tips for various tools and languages useful for experimental physicists. Most entries are about ROOT or LaTeX, but I also have some material on Geant4, OS X, Autodesk Inventor, and command-line tools. The blog is updated intermittently, as I solve an unusual problem for myself or for one of my colleagues.


I have been fortunate to participate in the excellent Adopt-a-Physicist program several times since 2012. This program matches high-school physics classes with physicists for three weeks of discussion on their bulletin boards. Kids today have some truly excellent questions.

Physics Quizzes for the Public

As a hobby, I have written a number of quizzes for users to play on the FunTrivia website. Many of these are about physics in particular, or science and math in general, and some have received thousands of plays. Here's a listing of my STEM quizzes on that site.