Research Notes

This page contains links to documents providing background on various topics of interest to my research group.

Lecture Notes

These documents are based on lectures given in various classes I teach:

bullet Electrostatics of Continuous Media.doc  Coulomb's law; Gauss's law; extensions to continua (from 06-712)
bullet Polarization of Dielectrics.doc  Electronic and Brownian polarization of molecules; free and induced charges (from 06-712)
bullet Electrohydrodynamics.doc  Gouy-Chapman model of electrical double layer; Smoluchowski's analysis of electroosmosis; electrophoresis; streaming potential (from 06-703)

Research Notes

These documents contain applications of fundamental priniciples to various research related problems:

bullet Polarization Model.doc  Slow evolution of polarization in low dielectric fluid. Attempt to provide theoretical basis for model used by Jun Kim et al. Langmuir 21, 8620 (2005).