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Sol 5 (8 July 1997) Images

81126_full.jpg (357K)
The "monster panorama"!

81078_full.jpg (16K)

81083_full.jpg (16K)

81084_full.jpg (16K)

81085_full.jpg (16K)
The large rock seen in the background of this image is Yogi. The front right rock has been plowed by the rover, and deformation by the rover wheel is evident. The same rock seen at lower right in the previous image is seen here with a rover wheel in the foreground for comparison. This area of soil in front of Yogi will be investigated by the Alpha Proton X-Ray Spectrometer. This image of Yogi was taken in poor lighting conditions. Scientists have planned to image Yogi in better light in order study its texture close up.

81086_full.jpg (16K)

81087_full.jpg (16K)

81088_full.jpg (31K)

81092_full.jpg (47K)
This red color image of the rover wheel was taken prior to soil mechanics tests. This is a red-color image of the rover wheel and the indentation that the wheel has made on the soil. The APXS is shown in the end of Sol 4 image of the rover placed against the soil at the base of Yogi. A portion of the color "monster panorama" showing the front (or left) ramp and part of the low-gain antenna.

81093_full.jpg (47K)

81094_full.jpg (47K)

81095_full.jpg (31K)

81096_full.jpg (31K)
Here we see Wedge and Flat Top imaged in color as part of the "monster panorama". A color version of the image of the rover as it left the rear (or right) ramp. Yogi in the background of the image. The light colored rim of material in front of Yogi may possibly be evaporation deposits from ancient water puddled on the surface. In the foreground are the airbags, and to the left are more hypothesized evaportion deposits.

81097_full.jpg (31K)

81098_full.jpg (31K)

81099_full.jpg (47K)

81101_full.jpg (47K)
Casper, the light colored rock in the middle left of this image, is a prime target for the APXS. The disturbed soil in the lower right of this image was caused by the retraction of the airbags. Rocks and intersting textures of the Martian surface are imaged above. The large rock to the upper right of the airbags in this image, appears to be riddled with many cracks. The Atmospheric Structure/Meterology Instrument mast is standing straight up in this image. The wind socks are hanging vertically, indicating that the winds are light. ASI/MET scientists report that winds measurements have yet to exceed 10 mph. The apprent offset of the mast in this image is caused by parallax.

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