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Having download problems? Check out local Mars Pathfinder Mirror Sites!

NASA-TV Schedule for 1 July - 17 July (STS-94 Shuttle mission and Mars Pathfinder Briefings and events)!

What does the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft look like in 3-D? Virtual Reality models and animations galore!

Rover Telecommunications (HIGH GRAPHIC VERSION) - how does it work? (Also included: movies of the Rover...)
Rover Telecommunications (TEXT ONLY VERSION)

Join our friends at the National Space Society for "Mars Madness!"

Who are the Mars Pathfinder team members? Watch extensive interviews courtesy of documentary makers States of Art!

Subscribe to the Mars Pathfinder Mission Status mailing list! Or, if you just need a list of past and present Mars Pathfinder Mission Status reports...

For a Project Status Report by telephone, please call 1-800-391-6654 and follow the instructions.

Live pictures of the MarsRoom and Mars Pathfinder Mission Operations Area at JPL!

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers!

Get Mars Pathfinder merchandise on-line from the JPL Employee Recreation Club!

Related Mars Missions

Our sister ship, Mars Global Surveyor!

Beyond 1997 -- Rocky 7: the Long Range Science Rover!

Web Interface for Telescience, Plan and simulate your own rover mission !

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