Article I: Name and Affiliation

1.0  The name of this association shall be the "Carnegie Mellon University College Republicans" hereinafter referred to as the
      "CR".  This constitution is subject to those rules established by and under the constitution of the College Republican National
       Committee ("CRNC").

Article II: Purpose

1.0  The objectives of the CR shall be:
  1.1  to promote the principles and policies of the Republican Party within the Carnegie Mellon University community;
  1.2  to actively support and promote the election of Republican candidates at all levels of the government of the United States of
  1.3  to promote conservative principles and values, including but not limited to: freedom, free enterprise and free markets, freedom
         of contract, fiscal responsibility, family, and limits on government interference with individual liberty;
  1.4  to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service to the Party and the country.

Article III: Membership

1.0  Active members of the CR shall consist of such persons who:
  1.1  Are registered students (undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral), faculty and staff of Carnegie Mellon University;
  1.2  Declare their support of the objectives of the CR and this constitution;
  1.3  Have paid such fees as may from time to time be determined by the membership of the CR;
  1.4  Have been deemed by the Chairman to have contributed to the CR in a positive manner and have attended a set number of
        meetings determined by the Chairman;

2.0  Alumni members shall consist of such persons who:
  2.1  Were formerly registered students of Carnegie Mellon University;
  2.2  Were regular members of the CR.

Article IV: Fees

1.0  The membership dues of the CR shall be paid for each semester during which a student has declared their intent to become
      a member of the CR. The fee is to be set by a simple majority approval at the annual general meeting of the CR.

Article V: Executive Committee

1.0  The Executive Committee of the CR shall consist of: the Chairman, the First Vice Chairman, the Second Vice Chairman, the
       Secretary, and the Treasurer.

2.0  The Chairman shall appoint such non-voting positions deemed necessary for the successful operation of the CR.

3.0  The Executive Committee shall have authority over all matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the CR.

Article VI: Duties of the Executive Officers

1.0  The Chairman shall:
  1.1  Be responsible for the organization of the CR, including day-to-day operations, and ensuring the continuance of the CR;
  1.2  Be responsible for representing the CR to the student government, and the Carnegie Mellon University Administration;
  1.3  Shall, along with the Treasurer, act as signing authority over all monies belonging to the CR.
  1.4  Shall have decision on approval for material and content on the CR webpage, overridable by a majority vote of present
         registered CR members eligible to vote.
2.0  The First Vice Chairman shall:
  2.1  Be responsible for maintaining communications with the membership of the CR;
  2.2  Act on behalf of the Chairman in the event that the position of Chairman is vacant, until a new Chairman can be elected by
         the CR;
  2.3  Shall appoint active member(s) so interested in creating and maintaining the CR webpage and computer account;
  2.3  Assist the Chairman with his/her duties when needed.
3.0  The Second Vice Chairman shall:
  3.1  Be responsible for recruiting new members and promoting the aims and principles of the CR to Carnegie Mellon University
         and surrounding communities;
  3.2  Be responsible for developing social events for the CR.

4.0  The Treasurer shall:
  4.1  Be responsible for managing the funds of the CR, acting with the Chairman as signing authority on all CR funds;
  4.2  Make financial reports at all regular meetings of the CR;
  4.3  Shall receive and distribute the CR funds upon authorization by the Chairman; shall coordinate fund raising activities; and
         shall ensure compliance with any governmental laws or regulations governing the finances of the CR.

5.0  The Secretary shall:
  5.1  Send updated leadership changes with school and home addresses and phone numbers to the CRNC;
  5.2  Keep accurate minutes of executive and general meetings of the CR;
  5.3  Coordinate functions for the CR.

Article VII:  Election of the Executive Officers

1.0  Election of the Executive Officers shall take place at an annual general meeting of the Carnegie Mellon CR, called for the
      purpose of election of Executive Officers.
  1.1  The officers elected at the annual general meeting during the Fall semester shall take office immediately upon election;
  1.2  Nominations of candidates for the CR officer positions may be made from the floor by any CR member in good standing;
  1.3  Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of those registered CR members present and voting. No proxy voting shall be

Article VIII: Meetings

1.0  There shall be at least one executive meeting of the CR per month after the first meeting of every month or as called by th
  1.1  Quorum for an executive meeting shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the Executive Committee.

2.0  There shall be at least one general meeting every month, called by the Chairman or First Vice Chairman.
  2.1  Quorum shall consist of the Chairman of the CR, or in his/her absence, the First Vice Chairman of the CR, and one-third of
         the CR membership.

Article IX:  Recall

1.0  Any officer may be impeached for failure to perform his prescribed duties properly and in good faith after being notified about
      the impeachment in writing at least one week prior to the meeting at which the impeachment will be considered.  Any
      candidate for impeachment shall be given an opportunity to address the CR prior to a vote.  Upon a two-thirds vote of members
      present and in good standing, an officer shall be removed from his or her position.  The position shall remain vacant until the
      next regular meeting when an election to fill the vacancy shall be held.  The removed officer may seek election to fill the
      vacancy, as may any other CR member in good standing.

Article X:  Vacancies

1.0  Vacancies occurring among the officers shall be filled at the next regular meeting after the vacancy occurs, provided however,
      that should the position of Chairman become vacant, the First Vice Chairman shall become Chairman, and should the office of
      First Vice Chairman become vacant, the Secretary shall become First Vice Chairman.  Notice that any vacancy to be filled
      by election must be given to all members in good standing at least one week prior to an election.

Article XI:  Voting Privileges

1.0  Voting privileges shall only be granted to active members.  Inactive members and Alumni members hold non-voting status
      within the CR.

Article XII:  By-Laws

1.0  The Executive Committee shall have the full power to pass by-laws concerning the organization and good-government of the
      CR.  Such by-laws are subject to ratification by the CR.

2.0  By-laws may be adopted or amended by a simple majority vote by the CR membership.

3.0  Where a by-law conflicts with this constitution, the constitution shall prevail.

Article XIII:  Amendments

1.0  Amendments to this constitution shall be made at a special meeting called for that purpose.

2.0  Notice of an amendment shall be received by the Secretary and the Chairman of the CR not later than ten (10) days prior to
       the special meeting called for the purpose of amending the Constitution.

3.0  No amendment shall be carried unless received by a two-thirds vote of  the members present and voting.

Article XIV:  Effective Date

1.0  This Constitution shall become effective as of October 28, 1997, and a copy shall be kept as the official chartering record of
       this organization at the National Headquarters of the College Republican National Committee in Washington, DC.

2.0  This constitution, upon ratification on October 28, 1997, shall supersede all previous constitutions of the CR.


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