My Family

Mike Christel's family at son's wedding, 2015

Photo of Mike Christel's family on cruise ship, 2011

My wife and I make our home in Wexford, PA. Our older two graduated from college and are happily employed and living in another state now, but both remain Bills fans! Our youngest is heading off to college in 2018. The above pictures welcome our son and daughter-in-law (2015), and roll back time to a 2011 travel picture of my wife and 3 children. For more pictures from a Summer 2016 American road trip and other travels, see my travels.

News from April 2018: Our youngest daughter used her Advanced Placement Art class to paint on maps celebrating travel journeys. She showed her work on her self-decorated art wall in the high school art show. See Art Wall April 2018 photos for an overview, with a higher resolution version of the kayak one included to show off the maps if you zoom into it. Her artistic statement: "My pieces are a reflection of the many adventures I've had exploring the great outdoors. Through the use of my old maps and acrylic paint, I create impressionistic landscapes and portraits as a way of documenting my experiences and memories. I get lost in the beauty of everything around me, for with each step I take, the surroundings change, and I often stray off the trail purely by accident. By creating these works, I am taking the viewer on my journeys that fostered in me a sense of adventure to embrace the unknown."

News from Summer 2015: We welcome our daughter-in-law into the family! A celebratory collage of her with her husband is below. Our one daughter graduated from college in May, and the other travelled about with us through the south central states in June (see Summer 2015 trip photos). We did some camping and enjoyed celebrations together, esp. the July wedding (more wedding photos here).

Photo collage of Mike Christel's son and daughter-in-law, 2015

Links to travels and ancient family photos show pictures from decades past. As for my Grandpa George Christel, we celebrated Grandpa Christel's 104th Birthday Party in late 2013. Here is a link to his 100th birthday party as well. Grandpa died peacefully in January 2014 at the rich age of 104.