Mark Bedillion

Associate Teaching Professor

Mechanical Engineering Department
Carnegie Mellon University


My research interests are in the areas of distributed manipulation and underactuated robotics. I am interested in both control algorithms for these systems and their mechatronic design. In addition, I am interested in STEM education, particularly in the areas of visualization for dynamic systems and controls and systems engineering education.
Some of my current research projects are described below:

Distributed Manipulation:

This research studies the ways in which several simple actuators may cooperate to produce complex motion in an object. Current research foci are on distributed sensing and assembly using actuator arrays. We are also studying alternative distributed manipulation systems using brakes as actuators.

Brake-Actuated Robots:
Mobile robots typically use conventional actuators to move each degree of freedom. This research studies augmenting or replacing conventional actuators with lockable brakes. These brakes can be used to regain controllability in the case of primary actuator failure or to potentially open the robot design space for smaller, lighter robots.
STEM Education:
My interests in STEM education are in the areas of dynamics / controls instructional tools and in incorporating systems engineering concepts into undergraduate education. My current interests are in developing and testing virtual laboratory environments for control systems education and in developing and assessing systems engineering education tools for mechanical engineering students.