Tepper School of Business
  Carnegie Mellon University


  Selected Publications:
  • 'Bid-ask spreads, trading networks and the pricing of securitizations: 144a vs. Registered securitizations' with Chester Spatt and Artem Neklyudov, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

  • Disagreement, Speculation, and Aggregate Investment,' with Steven Baker and Emilio Osambela, Journal of Financial Economics, 2016.

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  • 'Dealer intermediation and price behavior in the aftermarket for new bond issues,' with Richard Green and Norman Schuerhoff, Journal of Financial Economics, 2007

  • 'Financial intermediation and the costs of trading in a opaque market,' with Richard Green and Norman Schuerfhoff, Review of Financial Studies, 2007

  • 'Estimating the Gains from Trade in Limit Order Markets,' with Robert Miller, Patrik Sandas and Joshua Slive, Journal of Finance, 2006

  • 'Taylor Rules, McCallum Rules and the Term Structure of Interest Rates,' with Michael Gallmeyer and Stanley Zin, Journal of Monetary Economics, Summer, 2005

  • `Empirical Analysis of Limit Order Markets,' with Robert Miller and Patrik Sandas, Review of Economic Studies, 2004

  • 'The Personal-Tax Advantages of Equity,' with Richard Green, Journal of Financial Economics, 2003

  • 'An examination of uncovered interest parity in segmented commodity markets,' Burton Hollifield, and Raman Uppal, Journal of Finance, 1997.

  • 'Managerial discretion and defensive measures,' Ronald Giammarino, Robert Heinkel, and Burton Hollifield, Journal of Finance, 1997.