This page contains bibliographic references, and links to online references. We will be augmenting this page as the semester progresses. Due to copyright restrictions, some of the material is in a password-protected directory.

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Introduction and quantifier elimination

Fast propositional satisfiability solvers


Nelson Oppen methods for combining theories

Equality with uninterpreted function symbols

Linear arithmetic (the linear theory of the reals)

General references:

The Fourier-Motzkin procedure:

The Simplex method:

The test-point method:

Integer arithmetic (aka Presburger arithmetic, the linear theory of the integers)

Mixed integer linear arithmetic

"Online" versions, suitable for DPLL(T):

Real closed fields

The Kreisel-Krivine proof:

The Cohen/Hormander proof:

Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition:

Sums of squares, and the universal fragment:

Heuristic methods for real inequalities:

Theory of bit vectors

Computational complexity

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