Tank joins the team as the newly hired roboceptionist. Tank joins us fresh from Iraq where he did reconnaissance for the CIA. Please stop in the lobby of Newell-Simon to welcome Tank to his new job. He'll be glad to see you! Click here, if you'd like to learn more about Tank's background. He's had an interesting life that's been getting even more interesting since he came to Carnegie Mellon.
Bones is Tank's robo-pup. For some reason, the little metal canine insists on calling himself "Blueberry" and isn't really the most obedient of dogs. Could someone have been messing with his obedience code?


Dr. Reid is the head of the Roboceptionist Project at Newell-Simon. As such he never tires of telling Tank what to do. He is Tank’s immediate supervisor and the human he answers to. But Tank and Dr. Reid are headed for trouble. Tank decides that you really can't trust these slide-rule types and that Dr. Reid bears close watching.
What’s there to say about Valerie? What isn’t there? Val is a top of the line A.I. robot determined to make it in a world of men and machines. After a series of disastrous jobs (massage therapist, professional dog walker and roboceptionist), Valerie has found her dream job performing with a Streisand cover band, Babs and the Babettes. Click here for a picture of Val and her band.

Xavier is an older robot, father to Amelia. He's a robot emeritus at Newell-Simon having been created in 1993. He's very dapper and always wears a stainless steel suit, but he isn't very friendly.





Amelia, Tank and Valerie are sure that they are related way back. They have the same body type and felt like they were looking in a mirror when they ran into each other during Tank's interview for the roboceptionist job. Tank, of course, feels as though his visage exudes a certain manliness that his female compatriots lack.


One of Tank and Valerie's old friends at Newell-Simon. Grace is much more coordinated than Valerie and Tank, but not as articulate or full of personality.




Tank at work in Newell-Simon