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Academics at AXΩ

Graduating Seniors of 2013.

Carnegie Mellon is a rigorous institution and we always strive to put academics first. As one of our membership standards is academic interest, we require that all sisters maintain at least a 2.5 QPA. To support our sisters and foster a good study environment we hold study hours in the house and study groups in the library at least twice a week. We also have a flexible activities schedule that allows sisters to focus on schoolwork and other academic obligations. In addition, arrangements can be made with the Vice President of Intellectual Development to seek extra-curricular help, such as creating academic plans and finding tutors.

Each semester, sisters invite their professors and academic advisors to a dessert reception known as Apple Pie with Alpha Chi. This event is a great opportunity to get to know the faculty and staff of Carnegie Mellon in a non-academic setting. In addition, sisters who have earned a 4.0 QPA in the previous semester are awarded a scholarship pearl at this event.