First Generation eWatch with Velcro Strap

FDM eWatch housing with strap

with the backlight

eWatch worn on the wrist

Look over there...

Smaller than a Flower?

eWatch board

audio sensor visualization

bottom side of the board

the calendar application

the main menu

sensor visualization

with battery (side view, upside down)

with battery (bottom view)

802.15.4 module

eWatch charger

eWatch charger

eWatch charger connected to eWatch

eWatch keyboard

eWatch with keyboard

keyboard hacking

eWatch! to write your email!

eWatch development

an earlier prototype of eWatch

the lcd display

The ARM development board with the lcd test board





Final Housings

Stereolithography and Laser Cut PolyCarb Inserts

Early Fused Deposition Modeling Prototypes

Prototype Renderings
Earlier design idea with housing for two AAA batteries

2004 Carnegie Mellon University