ACF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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"Um... I'm neither Asian nor Christian."

ACF is open to everyone!
God's love, ultimately expressed through Jesus Christ, goes beyond race and is extended to those who don't believe in Him!

"Is there a church connected to ACF?"

ACF is affiliated with Pittsburgh Chinese Church, which is an evangelical, independent church consisting of both English and Chinese speaking congregations. There are two branches, one in Oakland (located a few minutes from CMU) and another in Perrsyville (North of Pittsburgh's downtown).

Most ACF members attend the afternoon service in Oakland which is the same place ACF meets on Fridays. The service starts at 4 pm with Sunday school and (free) dinner afterwards. Rides are provided around 3:30 pm from the CMU University Center driveway (the loop in front of the UC that faces Forbes Avenue). To get there on foot, please refer to the directions page. For more information on PCC, see the PCC webpage.

"What language do you use in ACF?"

ACF meetings are held in English. The Pittsburgh Chinese Church also has fellowship groups whose meetings are held in Mandarin and Cantonese. For more information, visit the PCC webpage.

"Where and when do you meet?"

ACF meets off-campus, using space that has kindly been provided to us by the First Baptist Church in Oakland. It is a fifteen minute walk or a five minute car ride from CMU. We meet on Fridays at 7 pm with rides leaving the University Center driveway at 6:30 pm. If you don't know where the University Center driveway (also called the UC Cirle) is, then click here. Just give the secret password (i.e., "Hi, are you going to ACF?") and we will take you there!

"What do you do in an ACF meeting?"

Perhaps you're imagining a group of serious looking people gathered around a Bible, straining their eyes in candlelight to see the print!

"For the Word of God is living and active." -Hebrews 4:12

The Bible isn't an irrelevant text written thousands of years ago and God isn't a creator who has left His creation. Through the Bible, God answers mankind's deepest questions. He reveals Himself, His love for us, and our condition. Because the Bible is just as relevant in our lives today as it was when its words were first revealed, its contents belong in our hearts and not on a bookshelf.

Studying the Bible and finding how we can apply it to our lives is one aspect of our fellowship meetings. Another aspect is responding to God in song and praying for one another. We also spend some time hanging around together outside our meeting place when our junk food and candles run out! :)

Besides our Friday fellowship meetings, ACF has discipleship groups (cell groups), and prayer meetings in the University Center twice a week.

Again, you don't need to be a Christian to go to our fellowship. It will be our joy to share with you God's living Word and to help you get a better understanding of Him. If you want a reference, the Four Spiritual Steps published by Campus Crusade provide a concise explanation of what it means to receive Christ.

"How do I get to the afternoon Sunday worship service of Pittsburgh Chinese Church?"

It's at the same location as the ACF meeting, at First Baptist Church. Rides leave for the Sunday service at 3:45 pm from the CMU University Center driveway.

"How do I get to the morning Sunday worship service of Pittsburgh Chinese Church?"

You can go to the CMU University Center driveway at 9:15 AM for a ride there. Or, visit PCC's web site. They have a map!

Psssst... I have a question.

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