Key Speakers

Edwardo L. Rhodes

Edwardo L. Rhodes is Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University and author of "Environmental Justice: A New Paradigm." Rhodes has interests in public policy analysis, particularly public sector applications of management science in the evaluation and assessment of the efficiency or organization performance of public activities, including environmental and natural resource policy implementation with a special focus on environmental justice issues and policies.

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Kent Benjamin

Kent Benjamin, Innovation, Partnerships, and Communication, Partnerships Team Leader, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he served on the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council and the EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response.

Ronald Sandler

Ronald Sandler, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Religion and Senior Researcher in the Nanotechnology and Society Research Group at Northeastern University is co-editor of "Environmental Justice and Environmentalism: The Social Justice Challenge to the Environmental Movement", which is forthcoming from MIT Press.

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Deeohn Ferris

Deeohn Ferris is President of the Sustainable Community Development Group, Inc. a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to metropolitan sustainability, environmental health, smart growth and regional equity. Ferris is an attorney whose interdisciplinary career spans government, industry and public interest. She directed compliance and enforcement activities at U.S. EPA; served as counsel to the American Insurance Association; and was the first senior African American environmental policy director at the National Wildlife Federation. She led the national campaign that resulted in the 1994 Presidential Executive Order on Environmental Justice and the EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council. Ms. Ferris has lectured in China, Turkey, South Africa and Mexico and throughout North America and has worked with communities in Fiji, Indonesia, Brazil, India and Nepal.

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Peter Madsen

Peter Madsen is Distinguished Service Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility with appointments in the Provostís Office and the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management. He is also Executive Director of CMUís Center for the Advancement of Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy.

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Britney McCoy

Britney McCoy is currently a second year PhD student in the Engineering and Public Policy program at Carnegie Mellon University. During her undergraduate education at Lafayette College, she studied environmental justice implications within urban water systems. Now, her research interests involve characterizing air emissions from U.S. petroleum refineries and accessing health effects and environmental justice implications of such air emissions.

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