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Miyazaki: Anime Legend

His Life and Work

Final Project

Proposal (due Sep 30)
  1. Decide on a project you want to do.
  2. Find teammates (or join an existing team).
  3. Email me privately (tmuntsin@andrew.cmu.edu) or talk to me in class about your project idea, to get it approved.
  4. If I have approved of your idea, add your project and team here: Google Doc
  5. Time Slot: Please pick a time that works for you and your teammates. We will use that time, if you need it, to talk over Skype (or Google+ Hangout if you prefer). Most weeks, we won't use this time. However, you are required to meet at least twice.
Meeting (2 required)
  • Meet with me at least twice on Skype (Skype: tristan.muntsinger) or in person at your chosen time above. The purpose of these meetings is for me to check on your progress and help you go in the right direction, OR if you need help.

Disclaimer: These images are not the actual projects, but simply examples of what each of the groups are planning on doing.

Amigurumi Screenplay Video Game
Anna & Julieta & Danielle Cece & Laura Shine & Keyin & Tom
Miyazaki Fluxx Miyazaki Smash Bros Poem
Kevin & Alex Brian Andrew
Anime Music Video Russian Egg Doll Animatronic Ohmu
Snigdha Swetha Josh & Ellen & Ben