79-204 Twentieth-Century America
Department of History

Carnegie Mellon University, Fall 2000
Credit: 9.0 Units
Meetings: MWF, 12:30-1:20, Scaife Hall 324

Instructor: David Wolcott, Ph.D.
Office: Baker Hall 240F
Office phone: 412-268-6871
Office Hours: Mon & Weds, 11:00 - 12:00
Email: dw4m@andrew.cmu.edu

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        Assignments:      Paper 1 Topic

                                Paper 2 Topic

                               Midterm Exam Preview

                                Final Exam Preview

        Lecture Notes:   "Tensions of the 1890s" (8/30/00)

                             "Progressive-Era Politics (9/6/00)

                                       "World War I" (9/11/00)

                             "Race, Jim Crow, and the Great Migration" (9/22/00)

                             "The New Deal" (9/29/00)

                             "World War II At Home" (10/4/00)

                              "Cold War" (10/9/00)

                              "Civil Rights" (11/3/00)

                              "War on Poverty (11/8/00)

                             "Reagan & the New Right" (12/8/00)

        Interesting Sites:  Historical Census Data Browser

                               The New Deal Network