Your grade will be determined by four factors. Grading factors are as follow:

Papers: 10% each
There will be three papers assigned for this course. If you would like assistance with your writing, feel free to visit me during my office hours. I also accept rough drafts of papers if you would like more detailed criticism of work before you submit it for a final grade. Details on how to submit rough drafts will be included in the paper assignments.
Paper Topic Length Due Date
1 Compare religions 1 page Session 12, 2/10
2 Early Modern World Economy 3 pages Session 23, 3/10
3 20th Century nationalism 3-5 pages Session 37, 4/21

Mid-Term Examination: 15%
February 17, 1999

Final Examination: 30%
May 6,1999, 1pm McConomy Auditorium.

Review Sessions

Class Participation: 25%
Class participation is an important part of the learning process. It is important for you to show up to class and contribute to the conversation. Attendance will be taken. Quizzes are included in the class participation grade. It is assumed that assigned readings will be done before the class for which they are designated and that you will have read and thought about the discussion questions prior to that class session.
Quiz Topic Coverage Date
1 Map Test Session 3, 1/15
2 Classic Civilizations Readings covered to date Session 8, 1/29
3 Problems of Industrialization and Colonialism Readings since hour exam Session 33, 4/9